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Our history and our values

As it often happens in the area of Modena, Casa Mussini has a long history rooted in the past. The love for balsamic vinegar and the passion for the local tradition of grapes and cooked must have been passed down from generation to generation, from our grandfathers and fathers to the rest of the family.

Over time, Casa Mussini has developed knowledge and technical skills, as well as passion, love and foresight. The same foresight still makes us a traditional company that, at the same time, looks at the future. We follow in the footsteps of the past, while using the most modern techniques and advanced tools. We also rely on a deep knowledge of the changing food & beverage trends, to make sure that our products continue to evolve.

The connection with our land

Our passion for the Black Gold of Modena is inextricably linked to the land where it is produced. We are of course referring to the area around Modena: that strip of land between the Secchia and Panaro rivers, which provide the necessary water to grow some of the most prized grapes in Italy.

The sun also feeds the vines and gives that typical sugary taste to the grapes used to produce both PGI and PDO balsamic vinegars of Modena: Lambrusco, Ancellotta, Trebbiano, Sauvignon, Sgavetta, Berzemino and Occhio di Gatta. Our personal and professional roots run deep in this land, and Casa Mussini owes all to the territory around us.

Our products

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