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BBQ Creams

Fish, meat, as well as vegetables and cheese: put them on the BBQ, and they all take on a different, amazing flavour! And nothing is better than adding a touch of taste to these delicious preparations with our BBQ sauces. Made with a white sweet and sour dressing and concentrated grape must, our BBQ sauces give these festive dishes a truly special touch. It’s the natural aromas they contain that boost the flavours: the Mediterranean cream is perfect on fish and vegetables, while the Hot one goes well with all types of meat, both white and red. The Turmeric and Pepper cream goes wonderfully with white meat and cheese, while the Basil and Tomato one is ideal on red meat and vegetables.

Last but not least, the Street food sauces are great for all food that is best eaten with your hands! The Tuscan sauce, made with tomato, garlic and shallot, is perfect for chicken, sandwiches, fish and hot-dogs. Chips, pizza and fried fish are made even tastier by our Hot or BBQ sauce, while cheese and ice creams are the perfect companion for our Basil sauce, made with basil and other Mediterranean herbs. The Caprese sauce is the perfect fit for salads and desserts, while the Cheese sauce gives its best on sandwiches, fish, pizza and… cheese!

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