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Black Dressings

Our dressings are a blend of musts and balsamic vinegar of Modena. Their taste is characterised by sweet and sour notes and a low acidity, which make them ideal for meat, fish, ice cream and even chocolate. They are a perfect replacement of wine vinegar to season salads or enrich the taste of meat dishes. They have a distinct dark brown colour with golden hues. This particular appearance derives from the non-enzymatic browning of sugars that happens when the grape must is cooked. With the various barrel transfers made over the years, the product becomes more concentrated and the colour further intensifies.

Acetaia Mussini has divided its black dressings into three categories. They are identified by growing numbers which indicate the ageing of the product:


  • From number 3 to number 7: young dressings with a delicate scent and a pleasant sweet and sour taste.
  • From number 8 to number 12: more mature dressings with sweet and woody notes and a pleasant sweet and sour taste.
  • From number 14 to number 100: very long aged dressings, with high density and viscosity and a pleasant aftertaste of aged musts.

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