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Fruit and Organic Dressings

After a careful and gentle crushing process, the same musts used for balsamic vinegar are cooked or dehydrated, so that they can be filtered and reach the right density with the addition of further vinegar, juices and aromas. This is how we make our flavoured dressings, ideal for a wide range of dishes, such as cheese, sashimi, meat, ice cream, desserts, fruit salads, fruit, milk, mixed salads, cooked and raw vegetables. They can also be added to soda, sparkling water or Prosecco to create refreshing and thirst-quenching drinks or unique cocktails.

Our raspberry, strawberry, passion fruit and white truffle dressings are just some examples. We also offer the Condifrutta range: delicate and flavourful dressings made with glucose/fructose syrup, wine vinegar, natural aromas and extracts. Everyone will like them: their fruity and spicy notes, obtained from natural ingredients, ensure excellent products with no added sugars. Musts, fruit juices and natural aromas are all it takes for an explosion of taste.

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