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Italian style

Piazza Grande is a line of fine, elegant products for lovers of things that are beautiful as well as good. A precious gift for those who seek the highest quality and who also care about image.

Clearly different at first sight, and unique to the taste. The Piazza Grande balsamic vinegar is a fun product, inspired by tradition that has been reinvented in a young and original way. A balsamic vinegar that is refined and unconventional, for those who love to stand out.

It is traditionally good because it comes from quality ingredients, such as the must of Trebbiano, Lambrusco Grasparossa and Ancellotta grapes, and is prepared in fine wood barrels with sartorial care.

It is beautiful because beauty is the precious fruit of passion and patience: this is the product of at least three years of ageing followed by diverse stages of decanting for ever-changing nuances of flavour.

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