iFruttati - WHITE PEACH & APRICOT Condiment

Content:250ml / 8.45fl.oz
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The Piazza Grande iFruttati Condiments line are natural Condiments that blend tradition and innovation, harmonising high-quality musts with fruit juices and selected natural aromas. They bring to the table of balsamic vinegar lovers the richness of the balsamic Condiment, enriched with a note of flavour from the fruit juice.
Excellent also as an alcoholic aperitif (with prosecco or other sparkling white wine), refreshing summer beverage (with ice and soda water/sparkling water), or to prepare sauces.
Made with Trebbiano grape must, wine vinegar, pulp of Peach and Peach and Apricot flavourings, light yellow colour, high density and velvet-smooth taste.

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Ingredients:Concentrated must, wine vinegar, aromas.

Product details

Aroma:Fruity, slightly acetic
Flavour:Fruity with bitter-sweet finish
Average density:1,28
Allergens:Contains sulphites.
Shelf life:4 years
Pz x box:6
Pz x layer Epal:258
Pz x Epal:1290


Ideal for: mousse, vanilla Condiment, caramel or chocolate, custards and ice cream, milkshakes with yoghurt, cocktails