White Condiment - no. 4

Content:250ml / 8.45fl.oz
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The Piazza Grande Balsamic Condiments line, aims to offer an aesthetic synthesis of elegance and minimalism and has been created for the top of range shelves and display spaces.
The White Piazza Grande Condiment, aged in oak barrels, has a straw-yellow colour and a fruity bitter-sweet taste with a marked but pleasant acidity. Along with no. 4 Condiment, this product, with a basic quality and without packaging, offers the possibility of decorating the table with a pair of Condiments suitable for many types of dishes.

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Ingredients:Wine vinegar, concentrated must.

Product details

Appearance:Limpid and smooth.
Colour:Bright amber
Aroma:Fresh and sweet
Flavour:Delicate and mildly acid, naturally bitter-sweet.
Average density:1,10
Acidity:4% – 5.5%
Allergens:Contains sulphites.
Shelf life:4 years
Pz x box:6
Pz x layer Epal:144
Pz x Epal:1152


Ideal for: mixed salads, steamed or fried fish, fried food, white meat, shellfish, fresh and soft cheeses.