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White and Rosé Dressings

Who said that everything that is related to our Black Gold must necessarily be dark? Anyone who tries our white and rosé dressings is amazed by their colour and their unique taste. Mild, with a touch of acidity and ideal for vegetables, fish, white meat and cheese, their light colour is due to the use of white grapes, which give them a refined and elegant look.

As we do with all our dressings, white dressings are also divided into categories based on the number of barrel transfers they undergo over the years. For example, the number 4 identifies young dressings with a delicate scent and a pleasant sweet and sour taste, while the number 12 is associated to more mature dressings with sweet and woody notes and a pleasant sweet and sour flavour. And that’s not all. In addition to white dressings, we also offer a unique rosé range. These products have a delicate light pink colour and are made from concentrated grape must, wine vinegar and natural aromas; their reference number is 12.

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