SILVER no. 20 – Balsamic Condiment (white box)

Content:250ml / 8.45fl.oz
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The Silver no. 20 balsamic Condiment, made from a blend of cooked red and white grape musts: this product, of prized quality and with intensely bright colour but with reduced acidity is a winning synthesis that combines select raw materials and craft working with a highly sophisticated bottle able to win over people who don’t eat overly acidic food and Condiments.

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Ingredients:Cooked grape must, wine vinegar.

Product details

Appearance:Limpid with marked density.
Colour:Dark brown.
Aroma:Pronounced and lingering, pleasantly acetic and characteristic
Flavour:Well-balanced bitter-sweet flavour.
Average density:1,35
Acidity:4% – 5.5%
Allergens:Contains sulphites.
Shelf life:10 years
Pz x box:6
Pz x layer Epal:144
Pz x Epal:1152


Perfect for meats, game, fresh or aged cheese but also shellfish and vegetables.